Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)

With over 25 years of DE&I experience the Get-It-Together Coach and her team assist individuals and organizations in leading and creating workplaces, environments and cultures that are diverse, inclusive, innovative, and productive. Using a comprehensive set of DE&I Assessment, Strategic Planning, Consultation, Council Facilitation, Intervention, Coaching, and Training products and tools, we perform strategic self-assessments, facilitate interactive training and learning interventions, assist with implementing action plans, create sustainability metrics and recommend opportunities for partnering to promote transformation and growth. Selected areas of specialty include:

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Our work in this area often includes a DE&I inventory or assessment to understand the climate, culture and environment.  The assessment often includes a series of confidential interviews, focus group sessions and a survey to allow multiple means and sources of data collection.  The data is analyzed and correlated to allow comprehensive view of the organization to be achieved with key findings presented.  The assessment results include a set of recommendations for strategic actions, metrics, and next steps for ongoing enhancement of the culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The GIT Coach Team can follow assessments with training for leaders and staff and with facilitation of a variety of transformational interventions that are designed to enhance relationships and communication and engage employees at all levels.  Our DE&I Growth Track provides insight into selected comprehensive training offerings.

We also facilitate ongoing interventions including DE&I teams, Boards, and Councils for organizations whose efforts are long-term, and assist with research and strategic planning activities.