Organizational Development

The Get-It-Together Coach and her team assists organizations in defining and achieving their individual and organizational goals through Assessments, Strategic Planning, Facilitation, Consulting and Training Support. Selected areas of specialty include:

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We are often contacted to address a situation or provide consultation when an organization or a leader is struggling to resolve a problem. Our approach is to perform an assessment and analysis of the current state, and based on the data gathered and our extensive experience, offer a recommended solution with measurable goals, often deploying training, and a set of tools and strategic actions to empower them to achieve a desired end state.

The GIT Coach Team is experienced with V.U.C.A. environments, leadership transitions that have caused W-PTSC®, and a variety of organizational and industrial transformations. We have trained and coached leaders of all levels using tools and techniques including OPM 360° Leadership Assessment, Leadership Practices Inventory®, Clifton Strengths®, Everything DiSC®, Kraybill Conflict Management, Implicit Association Test, Emotional Intelligence, and more.