Professional and Personal Wellness Coach

The GIT Coach, LLC provides professional and personal wellness consulting and coaching services to hundreds of public and private sector leaders including executives, SES candidates, middle managers, supervisors and individual contributors. We design, develop, deliver, and manage large-scale Leadership Development projects and programs inclusive of assessments, coaching and mentoring, and we are certified to deploy several assessment instruments including the OPM 360° Leadership Assessment, Leadership Practices Inventory®, Clifton Strengths®, DiSC®, Kraybill Conflict Management, Implicit Association Test, Emotional Intelligence, and more.

The GIT Coach, LLC will deploy its highly successful coaching brand called MiStAR®.

  • MiNDSET: We work with the client to identify the current state, using assessments to understand unique needs help clients see themselves, including their strengths, opportunities, talents, biases, and competencies.
  • STRATEGY: Together we strategize, and create a plan, set goals, develop practical, personal and professional objectives, and identify tools to overcome obstacles based on proven principles and transformational practices.
  • ACTION: Step-by-step action plans with priorities, timelines and milestones are implemented to achieve goals, focused on self-development, valued engagement, accountability, and alignment with individual and organizational values.
  • RESULTS: Through encouragement, mapping, monitoring, measuring, and rewarding accomplishments, while remaining accountable, end results are always achieved.


The GIT Coach will provide guidance, tools and support to assist the leaders, professionals, and the “young and the restless” to create their own vision and illuminate their path to success. The goal is for you to continuously improve, to never stop growing and ultimately for you to achieve your goals. Are you ready? Let’s do this!